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What to expect at Sergay Dermatology

  • Every appointment is with Board Certified Dermatologist, Amanda Sergay, MD.

  • Appointments when you need them and for the duration you need.

  • No surprise bills.

  • Use your insurance for pharmacy prescriptions and lab tests.

  • Accessibility to Dr. Sergay after appointments for questions and concerns.

General Dermatology

Patient Appointments: $195

Visits include consultation, treatment plan, and minor procedures such as biopsies, skin tag removal, destruction, or injection of cysts/keloids. Surgeries involving stitches and cosmetic procedures require additional charges. See below.

Telehealth (online) Appointment: $175

Return visits for destruction of warts/molluscum, or steroid injections of scars/cysts: $100

Surgical Dermatology

ED&C (destruction of a skin cancer): $250
Simple cyst surgery: $250

Complex cyst surgery: $350

Atypical mole and skin cancer excision: Pricing varies, starting at $350

Cosmetic Dermatology

Peels: $200-$350 depending on type of peel and location. ​

Cosmetic mole removal: $150-300 per mole depending on size and location​.

Microneedling: $350 per treatment

Hair loss Treatments: $700 per treatment. Read More

DermaV: Pricing varies. Starting at $450. 

LaseMD Ultra: Pricing varies. Starting at $450.

Possible Additional Fees: Dr. Sergay will send skin specimens she removes to be evaluated at a lab called Dermpath Diagnostics. This facility takes most insurances including Medicare, but deductibles and copays may lead to additional charges. Dermpath Diagnostics will charge patients of Sergay Dermatology $71 per specimen if they chose not to use insurance.  This fee is the responsibility of the patient and all funds go to Dermpath Diagnostics.


Dr. Sergay may also order labs and prescribe pharmacy-filled prescriptions for which insurance can be used as above. 

How to schedule & payments 

In order to schedule an appointment, patients may utilize the online booking system.  A credit card is required and will be billed 24 business hours before your appointment. 

Full payment of any outstanding balance is required on the day of the appointment. 

Insurance, Reimbursement, HSA

Sergay Dermatology does not accept insurance and is out-of-network with all insurance plans including Medicare. However,  many plans (excluding Medicare) reimburse for medically necessary services provided by out-of-network doctors. Please check with your individual plan prior to scheduling if you would like to pursue their reimbursement. ​ It is important to note that Medicare does not reimburse for services provided by out-of-network doctors.



3216 W. Azeele Street

Tampa, FL 33609



By Appointment Only.  

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